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Accessibility for the Visually Impaired


If you’re blind or have a severe visual impairment, how in the heck do you enjoy comics or funny pictorials? Fortunately, software exists to turn a computer into an easier experience for those with vision problems. Better yet, The Grog website is accessible if you want to enjoy comics with one of the many free screen readers on the market.

To gain insight as to what blind users experience, I installed NVDA, a popular free screen reader on my computer. I then closed my eyes and navigated through the various comics. A well organized layout made things easier. Once I hovered over a thumbnail, the computerized voice gave me a preview about what the comic is about. And, once I navigated to the comic itself, I heard the narrator describe what’s happening. Surprisingly, the computerized voice, even though it sounds somewhat monotone at times, can deliver a funny punch line!

So, if you’re blind or visually impaired, I genuinely hope you enjoy The Grog as much as anybody without a visual impairment.