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Transgender Bathrooms and Locker Rooms

Transgender friendly bathrooms and locker rooms would make the world more interesting. Just think about all the fascinating people you’d meet.

Two women in a locker room notice that a transgender man has a stiff one. The man says, "Of course, I'm aroused! I identify as a woman, but I also think of myself as a lesbian.

As you probably already know, the term, transgender refers more to gender identity and expression than to sexual orientation or physical sex characteristics. A transgender person may be gay, transsexual, transvestite, or even genderqueer.

Two men are talking the locker room about a transgender woman. The first man, noting the woman's beauty, says, "I'm sure glad that she identifies as a man." The other man says, "Damn right! She's welcome in the men's locker room any time."

Mandated policies would provide comfort to transgenders and, at the same time, provide teaching opportunities.

A little girl notices a transgender man in the locker room. The girl's mom says, "That a penis, honey! It use to be that only males had one...but now it's complicated."

It certainly doesn’t hurt for us to become more comfortable with each other and our differences.

A woman sits on the toilet. A stream of pee splashes the floor from the adjacent stall. A man says, "Sorry! This won't happen after my operation."

Who knows…in time, maybe we’ll evolve to the point that we can make choices based on pure convenience.

A long line exists for the woman's bathroom. One woman decides to use the men's bathroom instead. She says to herself, "Damn, this is ridiculous...I have to pretend I'm transgender everytime there is a long line."